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How amazing is parenthood?! It is an adventure that is filled with equal parts joy and challenges, where you grow and learn alongside your baby. Despite how exciting it is, the transition into parenthood can be quite challenging – especially in the beginning.

The challenges are even more prominent for all the hard-working single moms and dads out there, whose courage and determination are truly remarkable! This is why the Baby Milk Bar team would like to take a moment to recognize just how amazing and incredible you are as a single parent. We see you, we admire you, and most importantly, we are here to support you!

In order to honour the hard work and commitment of single parents, we have created the Baby Milk Bar SingleParent Scholarship. This is our pledge to give back to the community and to support the education of super-mamas and super-dads who are working hard to provide the very best to their little ones.

Why we are passionate about supporting single parents!

Life is challenging enough with all the financial burdens that many students face. Therefore, some students, especially those who are single parents, rely on scholarships due to different financial constraints. Understanding the difficulties single parents face in balancing education and childcare, we aim to make a meaningful difference and provide support in the best way we can.

It is no secret that higher education gives access to more opportunities and is essential for economic security and prosperity. On the other hand, time is a scarce resource for student, and especially for single parents who are juggling the many responsibilities that they have. Prioritizing education is an essential step in securing a better future for the parent and the children, but it can come at the expense of current livelihood, as hours spent studying can take away from hours spend working or caring for a child.

We understand how completing a degree can significantly improve financial stability, ensuring a brighter future for the entire family, and we want to help with that! This cause resonates deeply with us at Baby Milk Bar, and it fuels and inspires our drive to keep providing families with the best quality of nutrition from the very start of life.

What Our Scholarship Offers:

We provide an annual scholarship of $2,000 USD, offered to a single parent who is deeply committed to their educational endeavors. The recipient should also possess a steadfast commitment to a lifestyle centered around health and organic living.

Details and Eligibility Criteria:

The awarded individual must be a single parent, attending an accredited college or university on a full-time basis, and show a significant dedication to advocating for organic nutrition.

Our 2024 Application Process

Please submit an in-depth essay of at least 1500 words on “Exploring the Impact of Organic Nutrition on Infant Development and Family Health” by March 30th, 2024.

Send your essay as a Microsoft Word document to Please note that we cannot accept submissions in PDF or Google Docs formats.

Remember to include the details of your academic institution details, full name, and contact information.

How We Select the Recipient

The most compelling essays should vividly narrate your personal story, encompassing your triumphs and struggles, while emphasizing the significance of an organic lifestyle in shaping your life's journey. We will announce the recipient of the scholarship on April 21th, 2024.