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HiPP German Stage 3 Baby Formula Bio Combiotik (600g)

Ideal for toddler from 10+ months, it's the perfect gluten-free formula with no maltodextrin to support their growing needs with organic, nutritious ingredients. Express delivery in just 2-5 days!

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HiPP Formula: One Step Closer to Nature's Model

HiPP Organic Bio Combiotik is the pinnacle of years of research and innovation, resulting in a selection of baby formulas one step closer to nature's perfection. This revolutionary baby formula features a powerful synbiotic blend of prebiotics and probiotics to foster the development of balanced intestinal microbiota.

Moreover, HiPP harnesses the natural potency of Metafolin®—a bioavailable form of folate found in breast milk—for immediate and effective nourishment. Elevate your baby's nutrition and protection to unparalleled heights with HiPP Bio Combiotik!

Why HiPP Bio Combiotik is an Ideal Choice for Your Little One:

  1. The Perfect Blend of Pre and Probiotics: The formula combines probiotics derived initially from breast milk and prebiotic GOS sourced from organic lactose. This combination promotes the development of a healthy gut and mimics the stool consistency and frequency of breastfed infants to nurture your baby's overall health and well-being.
  2. Optimal Essential Fatty Acid Ratio: HiPP Bio Combiotik provides the ideal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCP) to support your little one’s development.
  3. Double Organic Certification: This formula carries the European Certified Organic and HiPP Organic seal, guaranteeing the highest quality and exceeding the legal EU organic requirements. You can trust that the ingredients are sourced from organic farming practices, ensuring a wholesome and natural choice for your little one.
  4. Complete Nutritional Profile: HiPP Bio Combiotik contains all the essential nutrients your baby needs for optimal growth and development. This formula is expertly crafted with a nourishing skimmed cow’s milk base and carefully selected sustainable plant oils. Enriched with omega fatty acids, DHA and ARA, it provides vital support for the healthy development of your baby's brain and eyes.

What Parents Are Saying about HiPP Bio Combiotik:

HiPP Bio Combiotik is formulated with the guidance of healthcare experts and is a trusted choice among parents worldwide. HiPP’s commitment to safety and quality ensures the best for your baby.

"I am thrilled to have found HiPP formula for my little Tyson. Knowing that it is based on the latest breast milk research and uses pre and probiotics for a healthy gut gives me peace of mind. The high-quality organic ingredients and added fatty acids are exactly what I’ve been looking for." - Shannon, W., Happy Parent.

HiPP is dedicated to bringing you the best for your baby. With their commitment to using organic ingredients, incorporating the latest research findings, and promoting a balanced gut microbiota, HiPP Bio Combiotik is a perfect choice. Give your baby the closest-to-nature nourishment they deserve with their Bio Combiotik formulas. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or need further assistance!

HiPP Stage 3 Bio Combiotik - Follow-on Formula

HiPP Stage 3 is a follow-on formula for babies 10 months and older and can be introduced as a complement or replacement for breast milk while introducing solid foods to your baby.

HiPP Combiotic Stage 3 formula offers a higher energy content and increased iron levels compared to Stage 2. It provides age-appropriate satiety and creaminess with a combination of lactose and starch. Additionally, Stage 3 formula includes slightly elevated levels of Vitamins C and D to support the immune system.
Nutrition / Ingredients
Nutritional facts per 100 ml
Calorific value_68 kcal / 285 kJ
Fat_3.7 g
Fat, of which saturated fatty acids_1.6 g
Fat, of which monounsaturated fatty acids_1.6 g
Fat, of which polyunsaturated fatty acids_0.5 g
Carbohydrates_7.1 g
Carbohydrates, of which sugar_5.7 g
Carbohydrates, of which starch_1.4 g
Fiber_0.4 g
protein_1.4 g
Sodium_20 mg
Biotin_1.6 µg
Calcium_77 mg
Chloride_52 mg
Iron_1 mg
Fluoride_< 0.01 mg
Folic acid_11.3 µg
Iodine_15 µg
Potassium_88 mg
Copper_0.054 mg
Magnesium_6.3 mg
Manganese_0.007 mg
Niacin_0.53 mg
Pantothenic acid_0.35 mg
Phosphorus_44 mg
Selenium_3.9 µg
Vitamin A_56 µg
Vitamin B 1, thiamine_0.051 mg
Vitamin B 12_0.1 µg
Vitamin B 6_0.042 mg
Vitamin C_10 mg
Vitamin D_1.6 µg
Vitamin E_0.8 mg
Vitamin K_3.9 µg
Zinc_0.5 mg
Alpha-linolenic acid_0.06 g
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)_13.6 mg
Carbohydrates, of which lactose_5.7 g
Linoleic acid_0.42 g
Vitamin B 2, riboflavin_0.14 mg

Skim Milk*, Vegetable Oils* (Palm Oil**, Rapeseed Oil*, Sunflower Oil*), Lactose*, Starch*, Whey Product*, Galactooligosaccharides* From Lactose*, Fish Oil¹, Calcium Carbonate, Emulsifier Lecithin*, Potassium Chloride, Calcium Orthophosphates, Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Carbonate, L-Tryptophan, Vitamin C, Ferrous Sulfate, L-Cystine, Natural Lactic Acid Culture (Lactobacillus Fermentum Hereditum®²), Vitamin E, Niacin, Zinc Oxide, Pantothenic Acid, Copper Sulfate, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, Potassium Iodate, Metafolin (Calcium L-Methylfolate), Sodium Selenate, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Manganese Sulfate, Biotin

* From organic production

¹ Contains DHA (required by law for infant formula)

² Lactobacillus fermentum CECT5716

** Organic palm oil from sustainable cultivation certified by independent inspection bodies

Allergens: milk, whey, lactose, fish oil

How to make a Baby Bottle

How to prepare a HiPP baby formula safely

Powdered infant formulas are not sterile and may contain a small number of potentially harmful germs. To inhibit the growth of these germs in the prepared formula, it is crucial to follow safe preparation and handling practices. This ensures that the formula remains safe and healthy for your baby to consume.

Basic rules of hygiene

  • Clean the countertop and wash your hands thoroughly with soap under warm running water.
  • Do not prepare any raw foods at the same time.
  • Prepare the formula freshly before every meal and feed immediately.
  • Dispose of any leftovers and do not reuse them later. Do not store the prepared formula in the refrigerator.
  • Do not put prepared formula in bottle warmers or thermos flasks to keep it warm.
  • Clean the bottle, teat and ring thoroughly right after every meal.
  • If you use rubber/latex teats, boil them every now and then (not necessary with silicone teats).

Preparing the bottle – the step-by-step guide

  • Boil fresh drinking water and leave to cool to approx. 40–50°C*. At these temperatures, there is no risk of scalding, loss of nutrients or loss of probiotic bacteria with which the formula is fortified.
  • Pour the required amount of the boiled water into the feeding bottle.
  • Add the required amount of powder to the water by loosely filling the measuring scoop and wiping off any excess powder. This way, you can avoid using too much powder.
  • Close the bottle and shake until the powder has dissolved.
  • Cool the formula as quickly as possible to bring it down to drinking temperature (approx. 37°C). Check the temperature. Tip: A few drops on the inside of your wrist are a good way to test it: the milk should feel warm rather than hot. *40-50°C are reached when the bottle is easy to hold and the water no longer steams.

Tips for travelling

Pack several clean and dry bottles with pre-measured amounts of formula powder and a thermos with cold, boiled water. Prepare the formula freshly whenever necessary and feed immediately.

Safety instructions

There are instructions on every formula pack on how to correctly prepare, store and dispose of the formula: “Please follow the instructions carefully when preparing formula.” Incorrect preparation or storing the prepared bottle for a longer period of time can be harmful to your baby’s health, e.g. due to the growth of undesirable bacteria. Prepare the formula freshly before every meal, feed immediately and dispose of any leftovers. Clean the bottle, teat and ring thoroughly after every meal.

Important information

Breastfeeding is best for babies. Infant formula should only be given upon the advice of pediatricians, midwives or other independent experts.


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Suitable HiPP info material

Compact Advice: Prepare infant formula safely (AL47474)
Step by step to the ready-to-drink bottle-feed
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170 / 5.75

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